CBD Plus Store's Paws up! Hemp Oil Isn't Just For Humans

Healthy Pets, Happy Humans.

It's important we care for them every day from the inside out.

WHOLE PLANT Cannabinoids are Crucial for Homeostasis

Cannabinoids are powerful compounds naturally found in hemp that are:

  • Neuroprotectants - Promote proper function of the Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • Antioxidants - Fight against cell oxidation and environmental threats
  • Support the body's regulation of the immune, nervous and endocannabinoid systems

When whole-plant compounds are used, your pet is getting a full spectrum of phyto cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, that don't exist in single compound products.

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  • I have been giving my dogs CBD oil for about a year now and it is helped considerably with arthritis in both of my elderly dogs. I am now giving it to my 14-year-old lab that had a seizure so that I don’t have to keep her on Fina barbital every 12 hours.

    The pause Cbd oil has been a game changer for my dogs and their health. I highly recommend it to anyone over prescription medication for their pets

    Patrice Hill

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